Note: EternalSky now features a Towny/Survival Server!

Based on the same principles that made our Skyblock Server successful, we have created an exciting new Towny / Survival Server, featuring: 
- custom bosses
- custom enchants
- Playerwarps and playershops
- Fair and balanced economy and more!

Prefer normal Survival over Towny? No worries, you can play the server just like you would a normal survival server, ignoring Towny. 

Why Eternal Sky Skyblock?

Very Minimal P2W

Unlike other servers, Eternal Sky don't and NEVER will feature hardcore P2W features. That means:
- No paid /fly
- No paid god gear
- No impactful donator exclusive items
- No island boosters

Large islands

Unlike other servers, Eternal Sky offers huge 400x400 islands, which aren't locked behind donator walls. 

Large in-game shop

Unlike other servers, Eternal Sky offers an expansive in-game shop, selling every imaginable building or decorating block, perfect for base building. 

Eternal Sky is Fair, Free and Fun


In Eternal Sky, a versatile economy is one of our top priorities. 
This means we aim to achieve an economy that allows
everything to be viably farmed. This means no hardcore
meta that dictates what block must be farmed for. 

Ever wanted to be a lumberjack, farming logs?
Ever wanted to be a nether farmer, farming nether wart?
Ever wanted to beekeeper, farming honey? 

We plan to make everything viably farmed, bringing your 
farming dreams to reality. 

Eternal Sky was made in frustration of the abundance of
pay-to-win, complicated, and unfair servers that locked
everything exciting behind large donating paywalls. 

Custom Bosses

At Eternal Sky we wish to keep you engaged for a while
There there are custom bosses that require from 2 to 8+ people to defeat.

The bosses not only reward end-game gear with custom enchants
But they also reward custom magical wands that has 
abilities such as summoning a meteor to crash at your target.

Eternal Sky is community driven!
Join our
to have a say !

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Please consider donating

100% of donations fund the upkeeping and development of the server.